Hi, I’m Anthony, welcome to my travel blog! On May 1, 2014 I made a major life change – I sold my TV. Yes, “major life change”, that phrase is not dramatic, I am an American from Texas and I SOLD MY TV!! It all started when I was going through a simplification process to get rid of old stuff from a storage unit. As my friend said, “storage is the new baggage!” I got addicted to selling useless stuff on craigslist and, without much thought, my TV got thrown into the pile. This venture is not about hating TV or people that watch TV. Selling my TV was just the motivation that I needed to kick start my dream of traveling the world. For some reason selling that 55 inch piece of electronic was seriously thought provoking and life changing. Thus, sellyourtv.com was born. Thanks for following! Please subscribe to get regular email updates and reach out to me using the various social media links below.

Happy Travels!


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