I Almost Ate at Hard Rock Cafe

Ok, not really. Would that have been un-American of me to eat there? Or am I un-American for not eating there? Speaking of, have you ever met those annoying American girls traveling that always “try to avoid hanging out with other Americans because, well, just because.” Yeah, me too. That’s weird. Anyway, obviously I am just low on material this week and I had to excite you with a catchy title. It worked! It has been a rest week for me, I am a bit worn out. I mean, a REAL rest week. I have been sleeping a lot and complaining more. It is hard to rest when there are so many fun things to see. Poor me. Ok, I’m over it! All is good and I am off to the next stop! I did have time to upload a bunch of Snaps from the past few weeks in Budapest, Vienna, Bled, Ljubljana and Belgrade. Click the images below to see all of the photos from each place and stay tuned for more as I head north!!!

Budapest {HUN}

Budapest {HUN}


Vienna {AUT}


Slovenia {SVN}


Belgrade {SRB}

  2 Replies to “I Almost Ate at Hard Rock Cafe”

  1. Georgette G Jupe
    August 25, 2015 at 3:22 am

    lol you definitely caught me with the title, you are too funny…

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