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Travel for Good. started in late 2014 as a travel journal to document my adventures. I wanted to vividly remember my experiences (and let my Mom know that I was alive.) It worked! Now I am more curious about the world, more excited to connect with people and even more energized to continue adventuring, for life! I do not want to stop. But, honestly, seven months of wandering the world without a plan got a little old. I still don’t have an exact plan, which makes this more fun, but I do have a sense of direction. I want to Travel for Good. To me, this phrase has two meanings.

1 Travel for Good = stay curious and open to experience new places around the world, always seek adventure, even at “home” and talk to strangers.

2 Travel for Good = travel with the purpose to connect with people, be generous and eventually enable others to do the same.

Plans for 2017.

Plans are coming together for 2017! Subscribe below for future updates.

Funding and Goals.

Oh yeah, money. It took me about 6.9 months of soul-searching-travel to realize that I want to sell t-shirts for a living. Just kidding. I hope this simple idea, along with other genius marketing ideas will help fund multiple charity adventures for years to come. Worst case, I will have a bunch of sweet shirts for my trip. Best case, I will sell so many shirts that I can sponsor you to Travel for Good!

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