Spain, France, Spain, France, Spain

Ohhhh, where do I begin?!? The past month has been filled with an amazing mix of Spain and France, France and Spain. I have a lot to reflect on, too much to be thankful for and even more to write about. So, in the next week, I will be posting a lot of updates and pictures reviewing my time in this area of Europe.

I have purposefully been away from the computer for about a month, which has been great! It was pretty easy because I was mostly in the middle of nowhere Spain or France with little or no WIFI (WeeeeeFeeeeee). I also left my computer with a stranger in Pamplona for two weeks. Haha, um, seriously. Hopefully I have a fast connection at my next stop so I can upload all of the fun stories and photos. Until then, below is a review of what I have been up to:

  • Flew from Perth to Qatar to Madrid
  • Took a train to Pamplona
  • Walked for two weeks on the Camino de Santiago from Pamplona through → Puente La Reina → Lorca → Estella → Los Arcos → Viana → Navarrette → Nájera → Granon → Belorado → San Juan De Ortega → Burgos
  • Stopped in Burgos for two nights
  • Rented a car – a Fiat Punto A.K.A.: Puto
  • Drove to Santander for two nights
  • Picked up friends in Carrión de los Condes
  • Drove back to Pamplona to drop one person off at the airport and pickup big bag from the stanger’s house
  • Drove to France to stay at a friend’s house (château)
  • Drove to San Sebastián to drop off a friend at Spanish school and stayed for a night
  • Drove back to friend’s château in Pujols-sur-Ciron, France
  • Went on day trips in France to Bordeaux (twice) → Cadillac → Bazas → Arcachon → Podensac
  • Dropped a friend at Bordeaux airport
  • Drove to San Sebastián to pickup friend from Spanish class then drove straight to Madrid
  • Stayed the night in Móstoles (outside of Madrid)
  • Went to the MXGP of Spain motocross race in Talavera de la Reina
  • Drove back to Madrid and stayed the night near the airport
  • Returned Puto
  • Ate two chocolate croissants and drank two cafés

Now, I am back to my solo traveling ways at the Madrid airport waiting for my plane to: Italy!


a) How is this still my life right now?
b) How many bocadillos did I really consume and was that safe?
c) Should I learn Spanish or French or Italian?
d) How was I so lucky to have had such generous/funny/sweet traveling companions?

How are you?

  3 Replies to “Spain, France, Spain, France, Spain”

  1. Thelma
    May 11, 2015 at 9:51 am

    Very lucky and blessed indeed!

  2. Jeff Gabbert
    May 11, 2015 at 10:23 am

    puto? I have heard they can be hard to work with:)

  3. JP
    May 11, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    I’m laughing and smiling and happy and feel the same way – how am I so lucky? Such a fantastic time, and no, that many jamón bocadillos con queso y pan was NOT safe.

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